The Photograph

The Photograph

Consider please, a picture of me

Consider what you cannot see

Beneath the matte, a vacancy

A hollowed scratch runs long and deep.


A wound was carved and can’t be filled

A cellar of wine, a collection of pills

Dull the ache but not the ill

Demons dead but never killed.


A shadow cast on sunny days

Closed the lens and hid the rays

Like a debt that can’t be paid

This disease won’t go away.


Doubt and guilt seep through the skin

Magnifying every sin

Announcing who and what I’ve been

Slowing every race I win.


An absence neither felt nor seen

Offers but a glimmer gleaned

By those who search the dark and dream

A body whole and soul redeemed.


Just give up your noble fight

Expose me now in black and white

Locked in shadow far from sight

My list of wrongs held fast and tight…

Reveal the folly of your plight.


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